Clan Donald Easter Greetings

From your President:

It’s Good Friday today and the Easter weekend is upon us, so all around the world Christians will be celebrating. Yet this comes in really hard times. All of us in the network of Clan Donald of the Highlands and Islands are being affected by the current global Coronavirus pandemic. Some of us may be ill with it, others may have friends or relatives who are badly affected so we all need encouragement and support. 

We also need humour and light-relief. For instance my immediate family are enjoying a hot-cross-bun competition, with judging of buns at a ‘Zoom’ meeting this afternoon! Taking part are  family members from the UK, USA, Africa and Hong Kong. Whether the Zoom meeting will work or not is another matter, but it's been fun trying to bake hot-cross-buns - some of us for the first time!

Another bit of light relief came yesterday from CDSH&I member Mark Hayball, who with a couple of military friends has written a very timely poem - which he says he is happy to have shared.

So enjoy the poem and whatever your situation, keep healthy and safe - and Happy Easter!

All the best

William (President, CDSH&I)

A virus poem to bring some cheer.

Twa months ago, we didna ken,

yer name or ocht aboot ye;

But lots of things have changed since then,

I really must salute ye.


Yer spreading rate is quite intense,

Yer feeding like a gannet;

Disruption caused, is so immense,

Ye’ve shaken oor wee planet.


Corona used tae be a beer,

They garnished it wae limes;

But noo it’s filled us a' wae fear,

These days are scary times.


Nae shakin hawns, or peckin lips,

It’s whit they a' advise;

But scrub them weel, richt tae the tips,

That’s how we’ll a' survive.


Just stay inside, the hoose, ye bide,

Nae sneakin' oot for strolls;

Just check the lavvy every hoor,

And stock-take your loo rolls.


Our holidays have been pit aff,

Noo that’s the Jet2 patter;

Pit oan yer thermals, have a laugh,

And paddle ‘ doon the waater. ‘


Canary isles, no for a while,

Nae need for suntan cream;

And a' because o' this wee bug,

We ken tae be..19.


The boredom surely will set in,

But have a read, or doodle;

Or plan yer menu for the month,

Wi' 95 pot noodles.


When these run oot, just look aboot,

A change, it would be nice;

We’ve beans and pasta by the ton,

And twenty stane o rice.


So dinny think yell wipe us oot,

Aye true, a few have died;

Bubonic, bird flu, and Tb

They came, they left, they tried.


Ye might be gallus noo ma freen,

As ye jump fae cup tae cup;

But when we get oor vaccine made,

Yer number will be up


Mark Hayball

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